[2017-08-04] API Government Job Fair

Free Job Fair

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– Speak with various government agency recruiters
– Learn how you can grow & benefit from a government job

CA Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation, CA Dept. of Rehabilitation, CA Dept. of State Hospitals, CA Highway Patrol, CA Public Utilities Commission, FBI, Inglewood PD, IRS-CI, LACC, LA City, Personnel, LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, La County Sheriff’s Dept, LA County Fire Dept., LA County Dept. of Children & Family Services., LA County Dept. of Probation, LA County Dept. of Social Services, LA Dept. of Water Power(DWP), LAFD, LAPD, LAPD Property Division, LA Sanitation, LAUSD, US Army, US Air Force, US Dept. of Labor, US Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA), US Citizenship and Immigration Services, US Dept. of State – Diplomatic Security, US Dept. of Veteran Affairs, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, US Forest Service, US Homeland Security – US Customs & Border Protection, US Homeland Security – TSA, US Homeland Security – Immigration and Custom Enforcement, US Homeland Security – Federal Air Marshal Service, Us Marine Corps, US Navy

Parking Map:

Open positions will be updated as they are provided; They can also be found on each agency’s homepage. Please note most applicants will need to fill out the appropriate agency-based application beforehand. For example, state agencies require your State application for evaluation and screening.

US Customs and Border Protection
1. Customs and Border Protection Officers
2. Border Patrol Agents

US Dept. of Treasury – Internal Revenue Service
1. Appeals Officer (Job Series 0930)
2. Artificial Intelligence Analyst
3. Attorney (Job Series 0905)
4. Computer Research Analyst (Job Series 0301)
5. Computer Specialist/Information Technology Specialist (Job Series 2210)
6. Contact Representative (Job Series 0962)
7. Engineer (Job Series 0801)
8. Human Resources Specialist (Job Series 0201)
9. Internal Revenue Agent (Job Series 0512)
10. Internal Revenue Officer (Job Series 1169)
11. Mathematical Statistician (Job Series 1529)
12. Operations Research Analyst (Job Series 1515)
13. Policy Analyst (Job Series 0301 & 0343)
14. Program Analyst (Job Series 0343)
15. Program Evaluation and Risk Analyst (Job Series 0301)
16. Special Agent (Job Series 1811)
17. Statistician (Job Series 1530)
18. Tax Compliance Officer (Job Series 0526)
19. Tax Examiner (Job Series 0592)
20. Tax Law Specialist (Job Series 0987)
21. Tax Specialist (Job Series 0526)
22. Executive Officer (Job Series 0301)
23. etc.

US Forest Service
1. Partnership Coordinator
2. Civil Engineer
3. District Ranger
4. Forestry Technician (Timber)
5. Forestry Technician (Recreation)
6. Supervisory Contracting Specialist
7. Sales Administrator
8. Public Affairs Assistant
9. Fire Apprenticeship
10. Sales Administrator (Contracting)

California Highway Patrol
1. CHP Officers

California Public Utilities Commission
1. Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst 1-5
2. Utilities Engineer
3. Senior Engineer
4.Utilities Engineer Supervisor
5.Senior Information Systems Analyst
6. Systems Software Specialist I
7. Attorney
8. Legal Assistant

Department Of Rehabilitation
1. Office Technician
2. Staff Services Analyst
3. Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Qualified Rehabilitation Professional

California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR)
1. Correctional Officer

CA Dept. of State Hospitals – Metropolitan
1. Hospital Police Officer
2. Assistant Director of Dietetics
3. Director of Dietetics
4. Clinical Laboratory Technologist
5. Supervising Clinical Laboratory Technologist
6. Supervisor of Building Trades

County of Los Angeles, Department of Children and Family Services
1. Children’s Social Worker II (requires a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Counseling, Psychological Counseling, Psychology, or Clinical Psychology)
2. Sign Language Specialist (requires a Sign Language Certificate and 3 years paid experience)

County of Los Angeles Probation Department
1. Detention Services Officer
2. Group Supervisor, Nights, Probation

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk
1. Clerk, NC
2. Election Assistant I, NC – Election
3. Election Assistant II, NC – Election
4. Election Assistant I, NC – Assistant Trainer
5. Election Assistant II, NC – Trainer
6. Election Assistant I, NC – Clerical
7. Election Assistant II, NC – Clerical E9313E
8. Election Assistant II, NC – IT Tech Support
9. Election Assistant II, NC – Truck Driver
10. Election Assistant I, NC – Warehouse
11. Election Assistant III, NC
12. Election Assistant II, NC – Clerical – Thai Language
13. Election Assistant II, NC – Clerical – Japanese Language

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept.
1. Deputy Sheriff Trainees

LA Police Department
1. Police Officer

LA Police Department, Property Division
1. Property Officer

LA Sanitation
1. Arts Associate
2. Civil Engineering Associate
3. Electrical Engineering Associate
4. Mechanical Engineering Associate